Energetic Transformations

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Join Joshua Rex in a community coaching format as he shares the distinctions that Project Purnam. This year long inquiry is perfect for anyone that is looking to create their life Newly, or bring transformation to the communities they impact. 

Each month, participants in the Energetic Transformations Conversation, will receive a guidebook, with readings, practices, and homework to support the New Conversations you will be having out of your participation. 

The guide book will be distributed with instructions on how to join our bi-monthly calls on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month. Don't worry if you have to miss a call, these calls will be recorded and made available with your membership in the group. And, that being said, we encourage all participants to look at their calendar and schedule all the dates so that you do not miss out on participating in this rich conversation. 

What kind of Conversations will be having? Transformational Conversations. Have you ever noticed that most conversations are pretty normal? We talk about the weather, our diet, the state of the world, and for the most part we just describe the world around us. Through Energetic Transformations, we practice having a different conversation, something called a Generative Conversation. These are the conversations that are the action in creating a life and future you love. Its a conversation that will change the trajectory of your relationships, career, communities, and your life. Any area of your life that you bring to This Conversation will experience a transformation. 

If there is a part of your life that you are out to make an impact in during the 2020 year? Energetic Transformations is the perfect structure for you to fulfill on that vision. For humans, transformation exists in Community and Conversation, your participation in this offering Will bring a transformation to how you show up in the Conversations of your Life, and the Communities around you. When you show up Transformed, the world around you begins to bend to your will and intentions. 

Come join the journey as we Project Purnam through Energetic Transformations

We are offering a PreSale Membership (which includes):


- 2 Community Coaching Calls a Month (via Zoom) *recorded

- Monthly Guidebooks (w/additional resources)

- Private Facebook Community

All for $100. ($600 Value)


Have a group of friends, or Team you work with? Purchase one of our Team Packages, and receive all of the above PLUS a Monthly Coaching Call(s)

Monthly Coaching Calls can be used for individual coaching or, for a private group coaching call. Group coaching calls are great for work teams, and individuals that are supporting each other in transformation. 


5 Memberships (includes all Individual Membership benefits for 5 people)

- 1 Monthly Coaching Call (1hr) 

All for$500 (a $3250 Value)

10 Memberships (includes all Individual Membership benefits for 5 people)

- 2 Monthly Coaching Call (1hr/each) *1 Personal Call for Team Lead, and 2nd Group Call for whole Group

All for $1000 (a $6500 Value)

There will be other programs and special events that will be created throughout the year, with opportunities to share this work with your family, friends, and others in your community. Come join the conversation and Create your Life and your Story for 2020.


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